Neal Fusco Italian Cooking

Neal Fusco has enjoyed cooking Italian food his entire life and has recently decided to keep up with his old family traditions as a self-made chef.

Neal Fusco Italian Cooking

Neal Fusco is Italian in blood — and in seasoning. As a kid, Neal Fusco enjoyed eagerly anticipating the Fusco Family dinner every Sunday.  An Italian tradition of family, fun, love and deliciousness, the dinner event was a highlight of the week.  Watching his mother and grandmother work their magic in the kitchen sparked something special in Neal Fusco.  But his fiery passion for Italian cuisine wasn’t set ablaze until Neal Fusco took on the role of fatherhood.

When Neal Fusco told his children about his childhood memories of the Sunday family dinners, he quickly became swept up in the nostalgia.  His kids loved his stories so much that they asked him why Sunday family dinners weren’t a staple in their home. The question struck Neal Fusco.  Whatever happened to those days? The tradition of tantalizing flavors and scents seeping from the kitchen somehow became long lost over the years.  But he couldn’t think of a good reason why the tradition should remain forgotten and in the past. That’s why, with the encouragement of his children and family, Neal Fusco transformed into Chef Fusco.

Chef Fusco started small in his culinary endeavors.  He breathed new life into the former family tradition by inviting relatives over one late Sunday afternoon to enjoy spaghetti and meatballs with homemade marinara sauce.  His guests were impressed. The evening went off without a hitch. Everyone absolutely loved Chef Fusco’s take on this classic Italian dish. The success of the dinner event encouraged the start of something new: Sundays with Chef Fusco.

Now, every Sunday, Neal Fusco calls on his memories of the past to chef-it-up for his family.  He has since graduated from spaghetti and meatballs to more challenging dishes like bolognese ragu and cacio e pepe.  Introducing his children to new flavors has become a true passion of his. Thanks to his kids, the Sunday dinner tradition will never be lost in the past ever again.