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Neal Fusco Marketing

Neal Fusco is a Marketing Consultant and Specialist in the Medical Field with nearly 20 years of management experience.Neal Fusco

Neal Fusco earned his Bachelor’s in Marketing in 1999 from Millikin University.  Directly out of college, he began his career with QVS Technology Group as a Marketing Specialist.  Although he initially imagined himself heading into the field of public relations with his new degree, his time with QVS exposed him to what would become his life’s passion:  using marketing to benefit the medical field. In his time with QVS, Neal Fusco worked directly with ophthalmologists in order to secure patients for LASIK procedures. This experience offered a sense of direction to his career.  Today, Neal Fusco has established himself as a Marketing Manager in the health and medical field.

His journey into the medical marketing world continued with commercial carrier Zurich North America.  Over the course of his 17 year career with Zurich, Neal Fusco held the following leadership roles:

  • Senior Managed Care Account Manager
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Senior Claims Vendor Management Specialist
  • Director of Managed Care

Although the medical field may not have been the focus Neal Fusco originally anticipated, his nearly 20 year career has brought on a strong passion for helping others.  Incorporating his marketing skills in the world of medicine wasn’t always something he imagined possible. Today, Neal Fusco is proud to tie the two worlds together in his work.

Neal Fusco Marketing

Establishing a career in an unfamiliar realm has taught Neal Fusco that he can do anything he puts his mind to.  While working with Zurich, he actively engaged in a team-driven atmosphere. Working directly with clients and vendor partners throughout his career has been a highlight for him.  When working on a project, Neal Fusco enjoys going the extra mile to satisfy a company or client’s needs. For him, there’s no better feeling of accomplishment than knowing that his hard work has paid off.  

He looks forward to expanding his horizons further, just as he did when he took on the unfamiliar territory of health and medical marketing.  Although he is open to continuing his career in this particular area, he is also open to carrying his marketing expertise into a brand new world of focus.